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There are Picture Takers and there are Photographers

I started off as a fine artist and a musician. My love for the arts led me into the world of photography, film making and now, podcasting.

In this digital world where everyone has a camera, there are picture takers and then there are photographers. I am a photographer. I have incorporated my passion for the arts into my  photography and film making. My training in fine art and graphic design gives me a precise eye for composition and color which can be seen in my work. If you are looking for for a photographer that can approach your project with a different point of view from all the others then I am your man.

Don’t Hire Uncle Bob

If you are tempted to cut corners when it comes to hiring a photographer to capture the most precious moments in your life, think twice before hiring Uncle Bob.  He may have a shiny new DSLR Camera but there’s a good chance that he will miss many of the shots that you hoped to have him capture. He will promise you the world for $50.00 but all you will get is frustration. The entire experience may may even put a strain on your relationship with him.

When you hire Skating Bear Studios you’re hiring a professional who knows how and when to capture those moments that will last for a lifetime.



Skating Bear is a Digital Media studio located in Cleveland, Ohio. We specialize in photography, filmmaking and podcasting.

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